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Bug Control & Repellents

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Fruit Tree Grease 200g

Vitax Fruit Tree Grease 200g

Fruit Tree Grease is a monitoring trap containing rapeseed oil, easy-to-use, simply brush on.
Winter Tree Wash 500ml

Vitax Winter Tree Wash 500ml

Winter Tree Wash removes insect debris and gives plants a clean start. Suitable for organic gardening.
Brushwood Killer 500ml

Vitax Brushwood Killer 500ml

SBK Brushwood Killer, formulated not to harm grass, kills weeds right down to the root, does not contain glyphosate.
Pepper Dust 225g

Vitax Pepper Dust 225g

Pepper Dust is the original, sprinkle-on solution which is a simple and effective way to help protect plants and crops from domestic pets.
Bug Killer Liquid Concentrate 250ml

Vitax Bug Killer Liquid Concentrate 250ml

A ready-to-use spray, PY Bug Killer Spray can be used to controls aphids and caterpillars, as well as greenfly, blackfly and other pests.
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