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It is guaranteed that Dr. Beckmann products are of the highest calibre and effectiveness. They use raw materials responsibly and with regard for the environment. They are devoted to making sure that all of the chemicals in their detergents are biodegradable. Furthermore, they reduce the distance that their products must travel by manufacturing in Germany and other nearby EU nations. Consequently, every Dr. Beckmann product is accredited by the EU Charter Initiative for Sustainable Washing and Cleaning. At Dr. Beckmann, they care about keeping things clean and making life easier for future generations. It can discolour if it spills! Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover efficiently cleans heavy soil and unpleasant spills like red wine, coffee, fruit juice, grease, and other typical household stains from carpets and upholstery thanks to its potent oxy formula and built-in brush. The special oxy-powered compound also removes odours while the cleaning brush penetrates deeply into the discoloration. Learn about the incredibly easy laundry detergent sheets by Dr. Beckman that are as light as a feather. Even at low temperatures, a single water-soluble sheet offers a thorough clean and sparkling freshness. Washing has never been simpler: Just place one sheet in the washing machine's drum and enjoy a very practical way to wash your clothes, even on quick cycles. The ultra-compact and lightweight design is simple to use, store, and transport.
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