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Pests & Diseases

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Defenders Cat & Dog Repell Spray 1.5L | JDSDIY
Ready to use, humane deterrent spray with pump-action trigger, which uses an effective natural active ingredient to repel cats and dogs from digging, scratching and fouling in garden areas.
Vitax Buxus Moth Trap 1 Trap | JDSDIY.COM
Will not harm beneficial insects. Bird-friendly glue-free trap. Contains a reusable trap and 12 weeks of pheromone lure. Suitable for organic gardening.
Picture of Vitax Py Bug Killer Spray RTU 750ml Vitax
A ready-to-use spray, PY Bug Killer Spray can be used to controls aphids and caterpillars, as well as greenfly, blackfly and other pests.


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