Learn to maintain a healthier lawn and garden in 5 easy steps – JDS DIY
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5 Easy Steps For A Healthier Lawn & Garden

Much of the labour-intensive work required to maintain a beautiful lawn is already done for you if you're fortunate enough to have one with a healthy topsoil base. However, not all of us can afford this luxury, and maintaining a lovely lawn and garden requires a lot of labour even with a strong dirt basis.

Topsoil and Lawn care at JDS DIY

Here are 5 tips for improving your garden and lawn:

  1. Cool, dry weather is ideal for mowing a lawn. Wait until the morning dew has dried, and the midday heat has not yet set in. Alternatively, following a morning watering, late afternoon or early evening is also a suitable period.

    Lawn care and watering with JDS DIY

    1. A hedge divides a space considerably more effectively than a fence. Better privacy will be provided, and pets and kids will be kept inside or outside. In addition to being a fantastic backdrop for plants and flowers, it will draw birds to its shelter.
      1. Plant hyacinths near walkways and doors to bring beauty to your garden. Their wonderful scent will fill the air with springtime life and bring your landscape to life.
        Hyacinths plant in the garden, lawn care at JDS DIY
        1. Include non-garden objects like lampposts and post boxes. Plant flowers to take advantage of the earliest to later flowerings around these objects. You might have blue hyacinths, purple and gold crocus, white snowdrops, and other coloured tulips. To add more interest, you could also place rocks around the poles.
          Garden accessories at JDS DIY
          1. By mowing your lawn frequently in the spring, you can achieve simple but efficient weed management on your lawn. Removing the yellow blossoms and stopping seed production, will stop dandelions from spreading. In the late spring and early summer, mow high. This will enable grass to cover the ground and assist stop the germination of crabgrass.
            Mowing your garden with JDS DIY


            Your garden and lawn ought to make you proud of them and make you happy. Fancy lawn décor and ornaments, as well as pricey fertilisers and herbicides, are not necessary. Making your lawn and garden a better environment only requires a little common sense and consideration.