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Lighting Up Your Garden

With outdoor lighting, you'll not only give your garden a completely new dimension but also double its usefulness. Be mindful that if you add outdoor lights, your garden will appear different at night than it does during the day. Since you can position the lights to precisely focus on what you want to display, it will generally look much more beautiful.

How Do They Work?

Outdoor lighting is typically offered to the do-it-yourself homeowner in a range of forms. One of the most common models has a timer that is simple to set, 100' of electrical line, and 10–12 lights. Installation is quite straightforward. The 100' electrical cord is simply laid out over the area, and the preferred style lamp is then attached by firmly pressing the cord against the lamp. Each lamp includes exposed prongs that, when inserted into the cord, form the necessary connection and enable the lamp to light up when it is switched on. Of course, lighting up only 100' of your garden is not your only option. However, as one electrical cord is only able to securely carry a certain amount of watts, you will need to buy extra sets.

Lighting Up Your Garden

Positioning & Tactics

The lamps themselves often come in spotlights tailored for a precise focus and low post lamps more suited for pathway lighting. For tiny spaces, some sets include a combination of both, which is useful. Having a helping hand makes installing outdoor lights much simpler. It might be challenging to predict how the lighting will look at night, during the day. When you first turn the lights on, modifications will undoubtedly be necessary. Just play around with them until you get the results you want. Be sure to thoroughly evaluate what you want to focus on before positioning your spotlights. Could it be a fountain, a statue in the garden, or a lovely shrub? The distance you establish between your focus object and the spotlight is crucial. Starting off, place the spotlight around 3 feet away from the subject while aiming it slightly higher.

Lighting Up Your Garden

In the evening, trees look especially lovely when illuminated. Consider positioning a spotlight approximately 6' in front of the tree and aim it as high as you can. Placing the light high in the tree and pointing it downward can give the scene an even more dramatic appearance. Try both options and decide which appearance you like. It's time to conceal the electrical cable between the lamps once you are certain that your lights are exactly where you want them to be. Although you could bury it a few inches underground, we advise you to simply cover it with bark dust or another material that blends in with the surroundings. Because of their ability to grow and alter shape, shrubs that appear fantastic when illuminated by outdoor lighting right now, might have grown sufficiently next season to actually cover the bulb and require relocation.

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An Alternative Option to Electrical Lighting

Some outdoor lighting producers charge an additional fee for coloured lenses. When centred on a white statue or moving water, these can also be especially striking. Although a fantastic idea, this can appear unnatural.

Consider employing tiki torches to light up your garden on those special occasions, if there is no electricity nearby. Simply ensure they are securely grounded and far away from anything flammable, such as tall plants and trees.