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Teaching Children About Gardening - Got All Your Supplies?

The growing season is almost here. It's a nice place to start if you have a list. Here are a few child-friendly gardening tips about the tools that every young gardener needs.

Similar to scissors are garden pruners. They are required to gather fruit and product as well as prune back trees. The smallest branch pruners, often known as shears, range in size from the largest. The greatest garden pruners are ones that are robust and solid. You might want to think about the grip as well. Before purchasing, have the kids make sure the grip fits their hands by trying it out first.

Teaching Children About Gardening

A lawn rake is an excellent tool for cleaning. Additionally, it works well for removing boulders from a recently tilled garden bed. Garden rakes are not all made equal. Find one that you enjoy using and that you can hold and handle. Rakes come in a variety of designs. There is a sturdy rake that is typically used in gardens. This often features a horizontal row of rigid, non-retractable teeth. Due to their strength, they can be used to scrape away rocks and other debris from the garden bed's surface. A grass and leaf rake is typically flexible with retractable teeth, primarily used in the Autumn to remove leaves.

Teaching Children About Gardening


Shovels and trowels make a child's gardening experience a little bit simpler. It has several applications. It can be applied practically everywhere in the garden, from weeding to harvesting.

Teaching Children About Gardening

For difficult tasks like managing rose bushes or plucking thorn bushes, or any other tasks that might call for covering the hands in some form of protection, a nice pair of gardening gloves are an excellent investment. Some plants release compounds that could irritate the skin. The nightshade family, which includes tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes, as well as various herbs and onions, could be considered among these. A child can be protected from these irritants by wearing gardening gloves. Even though some home and garden shops may stock children's gloves, it's more probable that they only have adult sizes. But fortunately, women's garden gloves are more likely to come in smaller sizes and, if necessary, neutral colours. Find gloves that are tightly fitting yet do not restrict movement excessively. The hand must be able to breathe properly and move without restriction.

Teaching Children About Gardening

Without seeds, plants are not possible. Yes, you can purchase previously transplanted plants. However, starting from seeds can be more fruitful and economical, as well as offering a learning opportunity for children - so buy a few seeds. A superb garden yield can be distinguished from a mediocre one by using the proper soil. There are many different kinds of soil, from topsoil to seed-germination mixes. It can be challenging to select the best soil. To determine which variety is ideal for your garden, simply read the instructions on each one. The packaging will often clearly demonstrate the types of plants it is suitable for.

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A garden notebook isn't absolutely necessary, but it can aid young gardeners in their future endeavours. A child can keep a diary where they can write about their experiences, views about the garden, and even a list of the tools they need. This has the added benefit of teaching them about the world and developing reading and language skills.