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Three Tips For Designing with Light

by Lewis Yates 17 Jan 2023

Art, architecture, and design all depend on the utilisation of light. It has the ability to drastically alter the appearance and atmosphere of anything, including a sculpture, a family room, or even a hallway.

Lighting fixtures may transform a home's atmosphere from crisp and contemporary to cosy and rustic, evoking particular moods and accentuating colours and textures.

Take into account the following advice for breath-taking effects when incorporating both natural and artificial light aspects into your home design:

1. Allow natural light to enter. Windows let natural light into a house, catching outside views, boosting colours, and illuminating surfaces, rooms, and other interior areas.

However, adding more natural light can make a space warmer because of heat transmission through windows. You might want to think about tinted glass to help limit the flow of heat if you want the natural sun without unwelcome temperature swings.

Three Tips For Designing with Light

In addition to strategically placing windows to maximise natural light, you may select from a wide variety of window forms, juxtapositions, and designs to offer a creative touch. Jeld-Wen wood or metal clad-wood windows offer a plethora of design options, including endless unique designs created by artisans.

2. For both day and night, use decorative lighting. Innovative use of different lighting can highlight distinctive elements both within and outside the property.

Three Tips For Designing with Light

Use dimmable chandeliers or delicate tree lights around the ceiling's edge to creatively combine shadows and light instead of standard overhead lighting or table lights.

3. Use reflection to improve the ambiance. Mirrors are frequently ignored as a crucial component of home lighting because they are typically only used for personal reflection. Mirrors can be cleverly positioned to reflect light around the space, giving the impression that it is larger.

Three Tips For Designing with Light

While covering a full wall with mirrors might seem a little dangerous, scattering framed mirrors throughout a wall adds a new, creative touch to the decor. Lighting is a crucial ornamental element in a home, regardless of its source, whether it be the soothing glow from a table lamp or chandelier or the natural light that comes in through a window.

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