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Bin Buddy makes your bin smell fresh and soaks up the mess. Bin Buddy is widely used around the world. They exist to help you sit back, relax, and smell the roses, not the contents of your bin. Bin Buddy products keep bins fresh and clean for days by absorbing odours and absorbing mess. Bin Buddy, when used as needed, will reduce the frequency with which you use bin bags and the number of trips to the curb to dispose of your trash. Their BIN BUDDY CITRUS eliminates smells, soaks pp liquid and fragrances bin. BIN BUDDY BERRY eliminates smells, soaks up liquid, and fragrances bin. BIN BUDDY CITRUS SPRAY deodorises bins, cleans inside & out, and leaves bins smelling fresh, BIN BUDDY NAPPY SPRAY Odour neutralising spray, made with eucalyptus, mint and pine. BIN BUDDY NAPPY POWDER attracts and draws odours from the nappy bin, leaves your home smelling naturally fresh, up to 45 uses, and contains an odour eliminator. All these products are available to buy now at
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