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Chempak Soluble Plant Foods are created to suit the strict requirements of the best horticultural exhibitors and professional growers. They are completely soluble, which means they get to work right away. They are the perfect choice for both professional and amateur gardeners who want the best results for their gardens. Seven important trace elements, significantly more than a typical soluble fertiliser, are present in every Chempak Soluble Plant Food. All of these trace elements are essential for the healthy growth of plants. We carry a large selection of fertilisers from Chempak, including basics for growing vegetables, plant food for indoor plants and a few outdoor plants. Plant Feed Range: This selection of precisely formulated plant meals gives a variety of garden plants the proper nourishment at the appropriate time. Outdoor Plant Feed Range: A selection of fertilisers designed specifically for clematis, fuchsia, and ericaceous plants to produce excellent results. The Essentials Range: With this selection of vegetable fertilisers, which includes the acclaimed tomato food, you can maximise output and flavour. House Plant Range: To encourage strong growth and blossom production, feed your indoor plants with Chempak's carefully formulated feeds. Plant Health Range: a variety of minerals and trace elements to replenish the soil's nutrition and improve plant health. Compost Bases: The compost bases have a wetting agent and trace nutrients for healthy plant and seedling growth.
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