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Damp Kontrol selection of dehumidifiers is small and perfect for usage in any setting, including the home, workplace, and recreational space. They can hang from wardrobe rails or fit within drawers, on top of cabinets, or on windowsills. Damp Kontrol dehumidifiers draw in and remove excessive moisture from the air without using any power. Our krystals and tabz's calcium chloride rapidly draws excess moisture from the air, pulling it out of suspension and producing corrosion, similar to iron filings to a magnet. Use the small moisture traps in drawers or cabinets or our hanging wardrobe dehumidifiers anywhere a control dam is required. The best-selling and newest aqua trap. In the kitchen or living room, use the Streamline Moisture Trap, and for more capacity, use the Mega Moisture Trap. The Dehumidifiers have the capacity to absorb and trap water up to twice their weight. The Kontrol moisture trap works through a natural process, The hygroscopic crystals (calcium chloride) helps to removes moisture preventing condensation, mould, mildew,allergens and dust mites by absorbing excess moisture from the air. The Kontrol dehumidifier prevents the growth of mould and its unpleasant odours by absorbing moisture.
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