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Fuel Express specialises in the year-round distribution of a broad range of auxiliary items, including gas, barbecue charcoal, and pre-packaged domestic fuel, to independent and chain forecourts and convenience stores across the country. The range of items offered by Fuel Express is accessible here at jdsdiy.com. Their disposable barbecues use top quality charcoal and are sized to suit your needs. Their disposable barbecues come complete with full comprehensive safety and usage instructions. The Charcoal Briquettes are made from premium quality Lumpwood Charcoal Fines pressed and moulded into briquettes. They burn longer that Lumpwood Charcoal, making it a suitable economical alternative. It provides an excellent and consistent heat to cook on. The Lokkii Perfection series, which is brand-new to the UK, was developed with the outdoor chef in mind while still being simple to clean, move, and store. A porcelain cooking surface from the Lokkii Perfection line is designed for optimum heat transfer and helps prevent food from clinging to it. Your plants will get the support and infrastructure they need to look their best from the Gardman plant supports assortment. By providing support in the early phases of growth, plants will have adequate support all through their development. Hoops, single stem supports, grids, stakes, and canes are among the plant supports we offer here at jdsdiy.com
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  • Fuel Express Instant-Light Lumpwood Charcoal 2kg
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