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Tips And Tricks On How To Care For Your Decking

by Hoshar Abdollah 14 Jul 2022

Do you think the fact that your deck is brand-new makes it resistant to damage? Think again.

If left untreated, even pressure-treated wood starts to decay in less than a week. Although pressure-treated wood is extremely resistant to insects and rot, it is nevertheless susceptible to the harshest weather conditions. Decks require year-round protection from the elements, including rain, UV radiation, mould, and mildew.


Decking Care with JDS DIY


If your deck requires an upgrade, it must first be cleaned and treated. Use the water bead test to determine where to start. Sprinkle a few water drops on different parts of your deck. The wood is prepared for cleaning if the droplets are absorbed by it. You must remove the current sealant if the water beads. Apply a stain stripping agent to old oil and latex finishes to remove them. Before cleaning, replace any broken deck boards and secure any loose decking after the sealant has been removed.


Decking Treatment at JDS DIY



You must first get rid of any dirt, algae, mildew, or other materials in order for the stain or sealer you apply to be most effective. When staining or sealing an unclean wood surface, the materials trapped beneath the stain or sealant may continue to harm the wood and cause the stain's protective properties to prematurely fail.

You can rinse away dirt and mildew with something like decking cleanser, which prepares the wood for protection. If there are flowers around your deck, you might want to use a milder solution.

Decking preparation with JDS DIY



To choose the best kind of stain, think about how the end product will look and how frequently you'll want to maintain the deck. Choose a transparent stain or toner, for instance, if you value the inherent beauty of wood. These shield the wood for three to five years while allowing the natural wood grain and colour to show through. Semitransparent stains provide additional pigment to the wood and provide additional UV ray protection if you like a finish with a richer colour. Consider a solid-colour stain for deep, brilliant colours and even longer wood protection. Ronseal has a complete spectrum of stains and sealants, from solid stains to clear sealants.


Ronseal Decking Chestnut with JDS DIY

Apply the stain or sealant in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions after purchasing it. Protecting your deck from the elements helps improve its appearance and extend its lifespan.

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