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How To Turn A Rental House Into A Home?

Home renters rarely, if ever, want to dwell in one area for an extended period of time, but that doesn't mean they have to put up with the plain, uninteresting walls, carpets, windows, and overall design of rental homes. There are a few quick, straightforward actions one may take to transform that rental property into a home.

Home Inspiration Ideas With JDS DIY


Avoid buying furniture in matching sets; instead, opt for unique pieces that will give a space personality and charm. If you're thinking about buying a lamp, search for a distinctive lampshade. Be on the lookout for a bed with a unique headboard. Add a wrought iron or artistically carved end table to your living room couch to make it look better. These new additions will give your house a touch of class and refinement, eradicating the drabness that rentals frequently have.


Designing Rental House


Steam cleaning the carpet is a terrific starting step, even though you most likely won't be able to replace it. A stylish area rug can then be used to spruce up any drab carpet. If you're working with the conventional brown or beige carpet scheme, don't be hesitant to utilise colour and patterns here.


Cleaning carpet at a rental property


Try covering the conventional blinds that come with most rental homes with a valance to make them less noticeable. Place a rod above the window (try to keep it decorative here) and then drape a special piece of fabric (again, keep it decorative here) over the rod. You can find many images online that demonstrate this technique; just type in "valance" on Google Images, and you'll get the idea.


Window blinds and curtain ideas for rental property


If your landlord has this mindset, this is one area where you may make a significant impact in transforming your rental home into a place that reflects your personality. It's fairly uncommon for a landlord to permit a tenant to paint walls, provided they repaint them before departing. If your landlord is not of this calibre, you have other options, such as covering the wall with a cloth while also considering the colour, using a folding screen, or even leaning an old, eccentric door against the wall. These latter two won't alter the colour, but they can give the space individuality. Another way to decorate a white wall is to use bookshelves and fill them with interesting pottery, glassware, and knick-knacks (don't go overboard here). You can find our range of painting and decorating products here.


Decorating a rental property

Regardless of whether you are renting or purchasing a home, taking the time to select furnishings and colours as well as adopting any or all of the aforementioned tactics will make your rental property into your permanent residence, no matter how long that may be.